Tombworld – Obelisks

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The must have wargaming terrain for any undead or cyber tombworld table.

These obelisks are a great fit for both fantasy and sci-fi settings and come in 4 different shapes, each with 4 different levels of weathering and symbols. The tombworld obelisks are designed to be big and truly monumental on the tabletop, and you can easily scale the obelisk models up and down to your liking. Where needed, we added variants with custom tree supports for the models.

The Tombworld obelisk set includes 13 printable STL files:

  • Square Obelisk (4 Variations)
  • Wide Obelisk A (3 Variations)
  • Wide Obelisk B (3 Variations)
  • Obelisk Monument (3 Variations)
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You probably want your 3d printable wargaming terrain to be as unique as possible, so we created different variations of our tombworld obelisks for you to choose from. This set includes 4 different kinds of obelisks each with at 3 levels of ruination. This way you can use the tombworld obelisks as fantasy terrain or sci-fi terrain for your wargames.

Warhammer 40k Necron Obelisk 3D printable

Monolithic architecture

One benefit of 3D printing is the way you can scale models up and down to your liking. We intended these obelisks to be quite monolithic structures on the battlefield. Especially our four part obelisk monument will be an eye catcher when printed at regular scale and will fit nicely as a centerpiece and line of sight blocking element on your gaming table.

Necron 40k Monument old ruin

3D printable

As with all our product we want to deliver a stress free product that just works:

No supports needed
Prints in parts if needed
Optimized for home 3D printers
Extensively tested 3D models

All our models are test printed on a regular Ender 3 printer with regular PLA. So if you buy 3D printable wargaming terrain from forge of heresy, you just have to slice the model and are ready to print.

Necron Obelisk with custom tree supports
  1. Andrea Edwards

    This set is an absolute bargain. I printed boxes and boxes of these Necron obelisks for my club. They are great for LoS blocking terrain, and if painted in sandstone colors colors also fit well on fantasy tables. Compared to other (free) 3D printables this is just absolutely stress-free and super easy to print.

  2. Eric S

    Perfect terrain for any Warhammer 40k Necron player. I printed the models without ANY modifications to the file or my printer, and had perfect prints every time. This just works out of the proverbial “box”. My profile for the ender3 is 0.1mm layer height at 25mm/s speed and 200°/65°. When going slower, the print times go up but these models are just so detailed, it is totally worth it. When playing Kill Team the sunken obelisk is a nice extra as it provides interesting cover.

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