Tombworld – Modular Altar

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This clean sci-fi altar can create interesting modular layouts and is a stable of our tombworld series.

The model comes pre assembled as a single altar and disassembled into the base and the four corner pieces. You can flexibly create many layouts with these 3D printable files. We focussed on simplicity for this model, so it can be combined in many different ways. Unlike other 3D printable models you can easily scale this model non-uniformly to create sharper corners, add a bigger platform, or just lay out a pattern of many different variations to create a base for your skirmish games.
This model is excellent for games like kill team, if you want to create a Necron battlefield with different levels and many smaller line of sight blocking elements. You can combine this printable terrain piece with our obelisks for the maximum Cyber-Tombworld feeling.

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  1. sirgeddyio

    Perfect for Kill Team! I use it in almost all of my games to create an interesting foundation for my other scatter terrain.

  2. dan

    Painting this is super easy. I printed this terrain set in several different variations and painted them all at once. The quickest way to an awesome table way I could imagine. If you play Necrons, I highly suggest you get this set.

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