Tombworld – Essentials Set

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Build an epic tombworld table with our 3D printable tombworld essentials terrain set.

Following a consistent design this set includes the Tombworld Obelisks and the Tombworld Landingpad & Pillars. You will be able to print monolithical obelisks, columns of ancient pillars and a huge Landingpad.

This set includes

  • Wide Obelisk A (2 Variations)
  • Wide Obelisk B (2 Variations)
  • Square Obelisk (2 Variations)
  • Pillar Obelisk (2 Variations)
  • Landingpad
  • Stairs
  • Customizable center piece
  • Optional pillars for the landingpad
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Tombworld Obelisks

The Tombworld Essentials terrain set features all of our Tombworld Obelisks. These include four different types of Obelisks with varying types of ruination or symbols. The obelisks can be used to create a perfectly themed Necron Terrain Set or as big pieces of scatter terrain on a fantasy themed table. What makes the obelisks so special is the level of abrasion and texture. Instead of plain surfaces you will get a nicely textured stone surface, that is fun to highlight and makes this terrain really stand out.

Tombworld Landingpad & Pillars

The Tombworld Essentials terrain set also features the Tombworld Landing pad and matching pillars. The Landing pad can be a beatiful centerpiece for your 3D printed Necron wargaming terrain. With this 18 to 24 inch wide terrain piece it is a defintive eye catcher. We made sure it is playable really well, and in games like Warhammer 40k would be a line of sight blocker for infantry, and introduce a nice level of verticality to your games. As with all terrain in this set, the surface area is nicely stone textured and easy to paint.

3D printable wargaming terrain

As with all our product we want to deliver a stress free product that just works:

No supports needed
Prints in parts if needed
Optimized for home 3D printers
Extensively tested 3D models

All our models are test printed on a regular Ender 3 printer with regular PLA. So if you buy 3D printable wargaming terrain from forge of heresy, you just have to slice the model and are ready to print.

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    Many variations and a lot of details.

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