Hellscape Floating Stone


A simple but effective model for demon, hell or fantasy themed gaming tables.

This two part boulder has been split in half and is “floating” on rippling beams of energy. The lightning tendrils are big enough to safely support the top part, no matter how big you scale it up. This floating stone can be multiplied and used as small scatter terrain or scaled all the way up to serve as an interesting centerpiece on your wargaming table.

The 3d printable model comes in two parts (printable .stl files) for stress free printing but may need some supports, depending on your printer setup. This model will look great on any table that has a lava, hell or demon theme, but can also be used for any magic / psychic / fantasy theme.

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  1. Serj

    I printed this model in two rather big parts, so the terrain piece is about 12 inches high. It is a perfect fit for my Chaos Demon army and I love bringing it to our local warhammer events. It printed well without any additional supports on my Ender 3.

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