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  • warhammer 40k beginner tips guide

    13 Beginner Tips you wish you knew earlier – 40K

    Recently I have been showing many of my friends what Tabletop Wargames and Warhammer 40k is all about. Some of them are even jumping into the hobby and getting their own armies. So i have been giving lots of advice like what Warhammer 40K army to choose, how to get started and some more general …

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  • wargame wash citadel shade

    How to make wargaming wash

    Washes are probably the most important part of painting wargaming miniatures and wargaming terrain. Shading minuatures with multiple layers the old-fashioned way can be a very rewarding but also a time consuming undertaking. Everyone who ever tried to build a horde army knows what i am talking about. Although some people consider washing a “beginner …

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