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  • Forge of Heresy - kickstarter crowdfunding campaign

    Hellscape is live on Kickstarter

    We are extremely proud to let you know: Our first 3D printable wargaming terrain is live on kickstarter! Let me tell you, it has been quite the journey so far and we are happy to have taken this step. You can read more about us or get to know our mission and vision for this …

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  • Forge of Heresy - 3D pritable warhammer terrain

    Forge of Heresy – Mission & Vision

    Basically we’re just a group of friends with weird hobbies. One thing we definitely have in common is our interest in 3D printing. Jana and Michael are very talented 3D Artist who regularly create custom 3D renders for a variety of clients. Having 3D printed dozens of lame and free terrain pieces for my game …

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