• How to choose your Warhammer color scheme

    How to choose your first Warhammer color scheme

    You assembled your first box of Warhammer miniatures, want to get started with the game, but you also want to play with painted models? In this beginner article I will show you how to choose a color scheme for your new army that is right for you. The problem you are facing as a beginner …

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  • warhammer 40k beginner tips guide

    13 Beginner Tips you wish you knew earlier – 40K

    Recently I have been showing many of my friends what Tabletop Wargames and Warhammer 40k is all about. Some of them are even jumping into the hobby and getting their own armies. So i have been giving lots of advice like what Warhammer 40K army to choose, how to get started and some more general …

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  • 3d printing ender3 upgrades cr10

    6 Easy 3D printed upgrades for the Creality Ender 3

    The Ender 3 is a very cheap but high quality and reliable 3D printer. No wonder it is currently the most popular 3D printer out there. Actually we also have several Ender 3 models in our shop and they are running almost nonstop. However we had a lot of problem at first with our print …

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  • 3d print warping structure

    Warping – 3D print help

    When we say warp, we are not talking about the daemonic energy in the Warhammer 40k Universe. Warping in 3D prints is nasty and can ruin an otherwise good print. This problem mainly occurs when you are printing very thin or flat objects. What is warping in 3D printing? In general warping occurs when there …

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  • 3D printer settings

    3D Printer profiles for tabletop terrain

    Working with slicing programs like Cura can be a daunting task. You have many options to choose from and trial & error testing on your own takes quit a while. This is why we want to show you our tips & tricks when printing tabeltop terrain on your 3D printer. Unfortunately there is no best …

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  • wargame wash citadel shade

    How to make wargaming wash

    Washes are probably the most important part of painting wargaming miniatures and wargaming terrain. Shading minuatures with multiple layers the old-fashioned way can be a very rewarding but also a time consuming undertaking. Everyone who ever tried to build a horde army knows what i am talking about. Although some people consider washing a “beginner …

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  • Forge of Heresy - 3D pritable warhammer terrain

    Forge of Heresy – Mission & Vision

    Basically we’re just a group of friends with weird hobbies. One thing we definitely have in common is our interest in 3D printing. Jana and Michael are very talented 3D Artist who regularly create custom 3D renders for a variety of clients. Having 3D printed dozens of lame and free terrain pieces for my game …

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