3D Printing

What about supports?

All our 3D wargaming terrain can be printed without the need for additional supports. Some models with tricky parts feature very small custom supports, that are easy to remove and dont affect the print time.

What about the details?

Our terrain pieces are designed with regular 3D printers in mind. You do not need a fancy printer to bring out the details. If you want the best results, you should print the models at 0.1mm layer height.


Do you sell physical terrain?

No, we do not sell physical products. We sell digital 3D files, which you can use to print the terrain on your 3D Printer at home.

Do you offer a printing service?

We do not offer a printing service. Our printers are busy enough with test-printing new terrain features.

Do I need a specific 3D printer?

You can use any 3D printer you want to print our models. We make sure our models print well on the leading machines like the CR10 Ender 3. Most PLA Printers will deliver awesome results with our models.


What payment methods are accepted?

We accept payments via paypal and klarna. If you are having trouble with the payments, you can contact us. We will find a way.

Orders & Returns

How do I place an order?

After you paid for an item in your cart, you will be given a personal download link. With that link, you can download the files needed for the 3D print.

How can I cancel, return or change my order?

Cancellation and changing of orders is not possible for our digital products.

Can I share the 3D files i bought?

You are not allowed to share or distribute our 3D models in any way. If you see our product being shared illegaly contact us.

Can I sell printed Forge of Heresy terrain?

If you want to offer a printing, painting or assembly service featuring our terrain you can contact us and become an official partner. Selling printed copies of our terrain is not allowed.

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