3d printable wargaming terrain kickstarter

We are launching our first Kickstarter project soon - help us make awesome 3D printable terrain

Forge of Heresy - Making of

Everforge Kickstarter

Right now we are still working out the details of our campaign. It is a lot more work than anticipated, to create a truly unique product, but:

We will shortly release our very first Kickstarter project to fund the creation of the Everforge 3D printable wargaming terrain set. This set will include different styles of themed scatter terrain and big modular centerpieces. Right now we cannot show more than our earliest concept sketches, get ready for our Kickstarter campaign to find out more.

Whatever game you play, whatever universe it is, we are sure there is space for what we are bringing to your table.

There are many different types of 3D printable terrain that have been done to death already. We feel like there is some freshness missing. We want to build more than just simple Objects you put on your table and mat. This type of wargaming terrain is usually called scatter terrain and can be used seemingly anyway you would like. In reality though, if you really think about it, you end up with the same or similar table layouts every game. If you use a game mat with a city grid this is especially obvious. We want to bring something truyl new to the community.

We hope you are ready.

Until then, check our our latest downloadable stl files

Created by wargamers

Our most important rule is as always to create something we would want ourselves. The idea to bring Warhammer 40k and other wargames to a proper themed table to kill aliens, daemons, heretics and the like, was so interesting to us, that we just had to create this themed terrain set. We draw a lot of inspiration from the lore, artworks and video games of all kinds. We hope to create mean looking, kickass terrain pieces for your wargames that will challenge the status quo.

The challenge

However creating a 3d printable wargaming terrain kickstarter is a big  undertaking is quite time consuming. Especially the highly detailed and functional elements we have planned for this terrain set will require a high time commitment. This is why we fund this project via Kickstarter. With every stretch goal reached, we will expand the terrain set for all backers and future customers. Help us make Everforge as epic as possible.

Stay tuned for the project on Kickstarter and get more info on what this project is about in our Video.

Necron Warhammer Codex

Reading up on ancient history to bring you ancient looking ruins. 🙂

3D printed Warhammer terrain
3D printed warhammer terrain kickstarter campaign
40k necron terrain
40k necron terrain kickstarter
Warhammer terrain kickstarter
40k terrain kickstarter

Last wargaming terrain project

Want to know what we can do? Unsure about the quality? Check out our last wargaming terrain project. We created an iconic obelisk terrain set that fits well on a Necron Warhammer 40k gaming table. The obelisks can be used as giant remains of a Necron tombworld or just an ancient civilisation. We created 5 obelisks with a total of 24 variations. The obelisks can also be combined with our tombworld landing pad wargaming terrain set.

The amount of detail and the coherent design make this terrain set something really special for any Warhammer player interested in 3D printable tabletop terrain. We are really proud of what we accomplished so far in a crunch. Just imagine what we can accomplish with proper funding. This is why we need your support for our 3d printable wargaming terrain kickstarter. We couldn’t do this without you 🙂

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