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Forge of Heresy

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3D printable wargaming terrain

High quality wargaming Terrain for your 3D printer

We at Forge of Heresy believe that 3D printing is the future of tabletop wargaming. This is why we want to create terrain and accessories you can use with the popular tabletop wargames. Right now we focus on 3D printable terrain and thematic terrain sets. The goal is to provide high quality products with a great value. We are wargamers at heart so we are mainly doing this because we want awesome terrain on our tables, and we think you will too.

Because we all have regular jobs and 3D modelling is really time consuming we need to to rely on Kickstarter campaigns to fund our project. Right now we are just getting started with our first campaing and terrain set, and we hope you will be interested in what we have to offer. The scope of the terrain set grows with every stretch goal we reach on kickstarter and we hope to make our first terrain set as big as possible. If you want to support us, or look at what we habe to offer, you should check out our Kickstarter.

Who we are

Forge of Herey is a group of 3 friends and want to create great 3d printable tabletop terrain. We have different backgrounds in 3D modelling, animation, programming and marketing and have been working together for a while now. This project started first because we wanted new printable tabletop terrain for our games. There currently isn’t a whole lot of great terrain out there, so we decided to take matters in our own hand and create some fresh and exciting terrain. We quickly realised, that we needed a way to support us during the creation process as we didn’t want to half-ass any of it. So we decided to set up a kickstarter campaign to fund our venture in this business. We sincerely hope you like our service and consider to take a look at our Kickstarter.

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